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Birthday Fun and a New Semester

February 14, 2017 by brgrasso

Hello everyone!

With the beginning of a new semester comes a learning period of figuring out when to eat, when to schedule meetings, when to fit in homework and most importantly, when to find time for yourself.

This semester as the editor in chief of the Campus Times and a writer for La Verne magazine, my time is limited, but I have been doing well finding time for myself so far. My birthday was the perfect opportunity to take a break from school and responsibilities (yes I know we are only 3 weeks in to the semester). Unfortunately my birthday fell on a Monday this year so I wasn’t able to avoid all of my responsibilities, but with La Verne’s central location I was able to get away the weekend before.

With La Verne being so close to Los Angeles, LA is the perfect place to go for the weekend when you don’t have a ton of time. On Saturday I went to Griffith Park and explored the old Griffith Zoo, an old abandoned zoo with cages still intact, and then went to the best Korean BBQ in Hollywood.

On Sunday I visited Smorgasburg, a food festival in LA that has amazing foods from dumplings and lobster, to gourmet grilled cheese and deluxe churros!

Eating French Macaroons at Smorgasburg 

Even though my actual birthday was full of classes, my friends and classmates were able to make the day feel like a celebration. I am always reminded of how glad I am to be in a school that has given me great relationships, memories and opportunities.

Friends decorated the newsroom for my birthday!

Spring Semester: Hallelu!

February 14, 2017 by kperrin

Hello my lovely readers, or should I say, hallelu! Spring semester is finally upon us and I’m already so excited for what’s to come. If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you may or may not know that I’m vice president of the university’s Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA). Being in GSA for two years now with my good friend and fellow President, Melissa Lach, has been such a growing experience. Slowly but surely, I’ve noticed the campus grow more welcoming, diverse, and inclusive. In fact, last week for the first time on campus, CAB (our campus activities board) collaborated with GSA to host a drag night. We had the honor of having professional drag queen, Shangela Wadley, come and perform for the students of La Verne, and she did an incredible show (by the way, she’s the one who coined hallelu, and I am obsessed). After the show, GSA members handed out fliers about our club to everyone who attended, and so many people were genuinely happy to know that there was a GSA on campus. Events like drag night that are so successful and so full of supportive students really solidify the progress the university has made as a community that embraces everyone’s uniqueness. I’m so happy to be a part of clubs and organizations on campus that strive to make the university the best it can be.


(GSA had an informational booth right outside the show.)


 Thank you all for coming out tonight, and thanks again @itsshangela

A post shared by LV CAB (@lavernecab) on Feb 8, 2017 at 11:24pm PST


Alright, are y’all ready for your question of the week?

What’s something you’d like to change? It could be at your school, your university, your work, or even your personal life.

I think it’s always important for us to ask ourselves what kind of change we’d like to see around us, because that’s how we move forward in anything that we do. So feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. See you all next week!

Self-Care, Lego Batman and Snitchery

February 14, 2017 by kcraighead


With the start of the spring 2017 semester at ULV comes stress, excitement, but mostly stress. Especially for seniors (which I am) beginning work on their senior project, a class dedicated to causing students to have full blown meltdowns as it tries to prepare them for the adult world of careers, bills and two-day weekends. But I can admit, coming this far and seeing how much I have learned from my three years at La Verne feels pretty good, and if I can survive three years, I know I can get through this semester. However, my self-esteem and overall will-power to get through this semester was already at a low point before classes even began. Luckily, there were a few things that happened to me during my rough start that helped me to really find my footing and get going.

I’ve learned that to be happy in my relationships with others–personal and professional–I need to be happy with myself. Meaning that I need to love myself first, and for someone like me that can be really hard at times. Still, I’ve found that I am happiest with those around me when I am happy with my appearance, my progress and my handling of my responsibilities.

I went and saw the Lego Batman Movie over the weekend and honestly, it was amazing, 10/10 would recommend you go see it. But it had such a great message about self-care and admitting your fears and allowing yourself to let people in that I couldn’t help but feel like it was speaking to me directly and my current slump of self-esteem. I won’t give away the ending, but its basically the best super hero, batman movie since The Dark Knight. It is so important to do what makes you happy, and take joy in little victories, like “yay for you, you got out of bed AND made it to class on-time today!” Setting small goals help you to feel good about yourself, and don’t set you up for failure like most big goals often do.

I follow this girl named Eleanor Barnes (@snitchery) on social media (Instagram and Twitter) and she is a make-up, fashion, personal blogger whose videos I never really watch, but whose texts and picture posts I enjoy reading. I don’t know why, then, that over the weekend I decided to tune into her “my insecurities” video. Here was someone who I thought was so pretty and perfect explaining every little thing about herself that she disliked. However, she said that in her family she was raised to equate self-worth with intelligence, kindness and personality, not beauty. I thought that was such a great way to look at yourself and the world around you, and knowing that there were things she didn’t like about herself but had learned to love made me hopeful.

Basically the internet and social media and film are all wonderful things and I am feeling PUMPED for the semester FINALLY and looking forward to getting back to blogging!

DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

February 14, 2017 by bbaumunk

Valentine’s day is literally days away. It is always the time of year when people must express their affection to those they love in the most unique way imaginable. Now I am not new to this time of year, I know that people are rushing to get their significant others presents. I’m a crafty person, I like drawing, DIY cosplays, and I even made my own lightsaber once, and this has helped me because I usually don’t have a plethora of money in my possession. So for those who are lacking in funds, I have one solution for you all that might bring a smile to your partner, granted it requires crafting. Don’t you worry, I learned how to make these things in my freshman art class in high school and this project is marketed to kids 10+. It is an easy craft that takes little to no time with plenty of materials to help walk you through the process.

This is what you need:

  1. A pair of tube socks (Old or New, but has to be clean)

  2. Marker

  3. Scissors

  4. Sewing kit

  5. Buttons

  6. Stuffing (from an old pillow or from the store)

There’s this cool website I found and use a lot where it gives you step by step instructions on how to make these plushes called Sock Monsters with very detailed instructions. I made a few and my friends enjoy them. They do not all need to be made the same, depending on your skills, but their unique appearance is what make these plushes a great present. The fact that these are homemade and individually made will sure show your significant other that they are worth more than a box of chocolates to you.

Below are links to help you with the project if you want to try this out. I hope you have fun and have a happy Valentine’s Day.



Youtube tutorial (No Sewing):


Here’s a different design that you might like more:


Here’s some examples of what they look like upon completion:

This is the basic look for the Stupid Sock Creature project


This is an example of variations to the Stupid Sock Creature project

Jan-Term Class

February 1, 2017 by bbaumunk

Over Jan-Term I took a film studies class that focused on fantasy films. This was an easy and fun class, and a great way to transition me from out of Winter Holiday to Spring. The class was mostly just watching a movie and then talking about it afterwards, but it expands your view of films in general. The point of this class is to help the individuals become more aware of the tropes, artistry, and story of films allowing for a more analytical mindset for future film watching. As a communications major this was beneficial to my major and career, but to others, this helps by making people more aware of what they like/ don’t like and helps them understand the importance of each element of a film. Most people know about the hatred coming from a group of Christians and aimed towards fantasy films, because magic is not the “way of god.” I grew up with some restrictions on what I could enjoy due to this, The Golden Compass was a big no in my house, and at first it seemed like my parents were skeptical about Harry Potter, but they quickly understood that it was alright to enjoy these stories. The funny thing about the hatred of the fantasy genre from some Christians is the realization that many fantasy stories use elements from countless religious stories, most prominently the story of Jesus Christ. To look more into a film rather than just watching and enjoying it can ruin the magic of the story, but can also help you understand and enjoy others. I suggest if this class were offered again next Jan-Term, but most likely with another genre of film, you people should take it to expand their understanding of what really goes into making a movie.

The advertisement for the class that was posted on campus before Winter Holiday