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Adventures During Spring Break

March 25, 2015 by Ian Campos

Spring break can be whatever you make of it. Some choose to go to party destinations, while others choose to go home, relax, and catch-up with others. Whatever you plan to do, just keep an eye on your bank account. The easiest way to do that is to spend time with your family, and latch on to whatever plans they have going on. For my family that was a trip to Seattle Washington to visit the universities my brother had applied to.

I strongly recommend visiting every college that accepts you, even if you have seen La Verne before. For us, that meant a 24 hour drive to Washington to visit Seattle University and Seattle Pacific University. So at 3 am Sunday morning, we left for a straight shot to Washington. However, taking the 5 freeway is not as scenic as one would like.

Southern California is as scenic as any part of it is on a freeway. Northern California has many hills and ranges full of cows. It’s pretty for a while, but after 8 hours it runs thin. Oregon was constantly cloudy and rainy, with a lot of curving roads. The weird part was that the gas stations weren’t self-serve, so, every time you needed to pull into a gas station, some weird person would rush to your car and ask what you needed. Getting into Washington, there was more of a California vibe, despite the constant rain. However once we started walking around, the rain cleared up and it was a gentle freezing day.

On the way back down we drove through places just to say we’ve been there, a quick tip to make you look more interesting. We saw the capitols of Washington and Oregon, which felt like the cities we got off on for gas. Seattle itself was nice and is on par, in my experience, with Washington DC and New York. The only thing that killed me was the cold. Portland, however, smelled everywhere, had confusing one-way streets everywhere, and had a large homeless epidemic, where they blatantly asked for drugs and alcohol. These two contrasting cities were nice experiences though, and I strongly recommend you get out there and travel in general. Even if it’s just down the freeway to LA, it’ll make a nice story.

Random Fact I Paid Thousands of Dollars to Learn:
College basketball players often are required to get X-rays to see if the Epiphyseal line is present on their femur. If it is, they are done growing.


Scholarship Gala

March 25, 2015 by hhulin

There are many perks to being a student leader on campus including things like scholarships, networking opportunities and developing leadership skills, but nothing compares to that invitation to the Scholarship Gala! It is like receiving a coveted golden ticket. 

Saturday evening we pulled up to the Sheraton Conference Center, had the car valet parked and then walked the red carpet to the spot where student guests met. We went over the basics of the evening: where to sit, how to talk to guests and other protocols. All of us were chosen for various reasons, but most hold executive board positions in organizations, are residential assistants or were there to represent the College of Law.

The Scholarship Gala is an annual event held to raise money for student scholarships. Alumni, faculty and staff, and Board of Trustees members were invited. The money from each ticket sold goes toward scholarships. The Gala is a black tie event, which forced students like myself to find their prom attire (unfortunately mine was two sizes too big). My peers looked amazing in their suits and gowns — it isn’t very often that we see each other dolled up!

Mingling during cocktail hour would have been difficult for me, however my sorority sister Nina is brilliant at initiating conversations, so I tagged along and jumped in once I felt comfortable. We talked to administration, alumni and professors, which was actually enjoyable — go figure! In all seriousness, though, the people who attended the event were all kind and generous supporters of our university and I am happy I got to meet them.

During dinner I sat at Ray Skelton’s (Trustee and retired Regional VP of Black & Decker) table and enjoyed talking to his guests. During the dessert, which was a mouthwatering fruit custard in some type of chocolate covered waffle bowl, two students addressed the guests and gave speeches about how their scholarships have helped them achieve success.

Overall, attending the Gala was an honor and I had a wonderful evening — plus, the food wasn’t too bad either!

Until next time!

Walk The Moon?!?

March 25, 2015 by kperrin

Hello my lovely readers! I’m back from spring break, and I have to say, it was quite the week. I spent most of my time relaxing, and catching up on my sleep (every college student knows that the struggle is real when it comes to getting enough sleep), but I kicked off the break with a concert. Whose concert? WALK THE MOON, of course! If you aren’t aware of the band, they’ve been around for a while now; their biggest hits are Anna Sun and Shut Up and Dance. The minute I discovered they were scheduled to play at the Hollywood Palladium, I jumped at the chance to buy tickets. My friends, Dillon and Morgan, attended the concert with me. I had seen The 1975 in concert at the Hollywood Palladium before, but Walk The Moon’s concert was easily the best concert I’ve been to all year. The atmosphere, the crowd,and the entire vibe  was just so energetic.

(I can’t be the only one who blasts this song in their car when it comes on the radio)

The three of us got to the doors at around six; the line wrapped completely around the venue, yet we were still able to get a decent view from the crowd. The Griswolds, an up and coming band from Australia, opened for the first hour; you may know them from their songs Beware the Dog and Heart of a Lion. When Walk The Moon finally came onto the stage, the crowd went wild, and I swear, at that very moment, I knew the the concert was going to be epic—and it was. The line-up for the show was great; of course they ended with my favorite song, Aquaman, and their hit song Shut Up and Dance. Watching Walk The Moon perform was such a great way to start off my spring break, and it was definitely a highlight of my first year here.

Are you ready for your question of the week?

Which band would you love to see in concert?

The University of La Verne has an annual concert event called LaVernapalooza, so check back for an update on it in the coming weeks! I’m definitely keeping an eye out for more information on this year’s performing artists.

Leave a comment in the box below, and let me know if you’ve heard of LaVernapalooza! See you next week! (:



Transitioning to Newer Experiences

March 25, 2015 by mhines

Transitioning into new experiences is a great thing because it helps us to learn a bit more about ourselves and it allows us to explore endlessly. This past week, I went through different experiences that allowed me to transition and they have made me learn more about my strengths and weaknesses while also allowing me to soak in these experiences for the better.

During my spring break, I did something that I have been wanting to do since my junior year of high school but at that time I was not ready for it. But during this past week, I was ready for this. I decided that I wanted to go natural with my hair. When I was in high school, I kept asking my mom constantly if I could do it but she told me that I was not ready for it because I was forgetful and I couldn’t keep up with an activity. But this week, I was determined and ready for this new experience.

Going natural calls for much maintenance and patience. I feel that though I may go through trial and error with this, I know that I have the patience to get through it and the motivation to keep the process of maintaining my hair going because I am very passionate about this.


I learned to keep my patience and to also be educated on the dos and don’ts on my hair. I am totally enjoying having my hair in its natural state and I am excited to be embarking on my natural hair journey.

What is something that you want to try? Why is it something that you aspire to pursue?

Practice Makes Perfect… Drinks

March 18, 2015 by Ian Campos

Alcohol awareness is a theme that is present at every college. Although the University of La Verne is a dry campus, the students are educated on the subject, in order to make better choices. However, the event held this week took a much more interesting approach, as the RA turned awareness into a mixing contest.

Diana, one of the Vista RAs, began the event with interesting trivia facts about alcohol consumption, beyond the usual lecture most individuals give. She then gave tips to prevent nasty side effects, including the usual bread before bed and plenty of water. Once she finished her quick lecture, she then put us all against each other with a contest.

For the event, many types of juices and sodas were purchased, most of which were commonly used for mixed drinks. We were then challenged to make the best non-alcoholic mixed drink, leaving our creativity to run wild.

Bar tending is much harder than it seems, especially when the options appear limitless. I must have gone through seven different versions of my drink before settling on the right one. Many fought over the options we had, hiding their past ingredients and plans as they went. At one point my friend had spitted my drink out, saying there was something in it she hated, but couldn’t figure out. With no guidance on who I was pleasing, I aimed to make something I would love. That is what I believed led my drink to win the contest. If you put your heart into something and ignore the thoughts of others, the limits in front of you seem to disappear. In the end, you can never really fail when you make something you are truly proud of.

Orchard’s Delight:
1/3 orange-pineapple
¼ Apple Cider
¼ Cranberry-Raspberry
Dash of Grenadine

Random Fact I Paid Thousands of Dollars to Learn:
Sleep reduces anger and your chances to drink and take drugs.