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Emily Lamb

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Krista Perrin

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Ezra Broadus

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Hayley Hulin

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Gone Too Soon

May 20, 2016 by ebroadus

Everyone or mostly everyone, has that friend that you know will be by your side forever. No matter what happens, you know that person will always be there for you under any circumstance. Sebastian is that friend to me. We grew up playing sports together and competing to always be better than one another while maintaining a stable friendship. That’s how we made each other better at everything, because we both hated to lose. It was sad to say that this past weekend was going to be the last time I see him for about 6 months because he is enlisting in the AirForce. His family decided to give him a “Go Away” party, and of course I wasn’t going to miss that for the world, so my brother and I decided to go. When we arrived, the first thing I noticed was the taco man making fresh meat for tacos and I immediately ran over and got food. They were delicious. Then my brother and I sat down with his girlfriend and friends and began talking for hours. Sebastian was busy trying to maintain conversations with everyone but he would periodically come by and talk to us. Towards the end of the party Sebastian, my brother and I took about 20 photos to remember the night before he left. I appreciate everything that man has done for me and I’m glad that we got to be best friends. Good luck in the AirForce my brother.

An Open Letter to Senior Year

May 20, 2016 by hhulin

Dear Senior Year,

If I had to describe you in one word, I’d use challenging. You stretched me in ways I couldn’t imagine just a year ago. I learned lessons in communication, friendships, relationships, patience and persistence. Senior year, my friends and I nicknamed you YOASO (meaning “you only are a senior once”) and used the name every time we wanted to do something fun. It was a mentality and mindset to do everything we always wanted to do. This year we worked hard and played harder than we ever had before, and now I’m exhausted. Maybe it wasn’t the easiest, but I have learned a lot from class and the people who have surrounded me.

You challenged my friendships by building some up and breaking others down. As graduation draws closer, you made me reevaluate who I want to keep in my life. Senior year, you have forced me to use my discernment and decide who is a forever friend and who is a convenient friend, which is something that I have never wanted to decide. With YOASO as my mantra, I flirted and dated and asked a guy on a date. An on-and-off relationship challenged me to say “no” and refocus my goals and work ethic. I have been challenged to accept people the way they are and understand what I need from relationships.

Senior year, you put obstacles in my way that have required patience and persistence, things I have struggled with in the past. You forced me to overcome discouragement over future jobs, moving back to England and staying balanced with work, class, sorority and resumes. I forced myself to stick with my editor position on Campus Times even though I was over the workload, and had to push through writers block for this blog and my senior project.


Late nights with sorority sisters, long hours in the newsroom, lazy Sundays with my roommate and copious amounts of coffee — this is what my senior year consisted of. I did so many things, made so many friends, and accomplished so much work, it all feels like a blur. Sometimes I forget that I was vice president of my sorority, an editor for Campus Times, and manager and writer for this blog. I forget that I dated a great guy, became friends with baristas and bartenders, went to a ton of concerts (George Ezra, Almost Acoustic, Oh Wonder, The Neighbourhood, Fall Out Boy, HAIM and other small gigs), conquered my fear of heights and learned to rock climb and got a tattoo. Senior year, you’ve challenged me to be spontaneous and flexible all while still being dedicated and hard working.

YOASO means living in the moment, saying yes to everything (within reason) and working hard. It isn’t an excuse to do dumb things or slack off, but an encouragement to live life to the fullest — a YOLO of sorts. Senior year, you were tough, but as the saying goes “the tassel was worth the hassle.”


Peace out ULV, these past four years have been real.


My Expectations Were Exceeded, to Say the Least

May 19, 2016 by elamb

About a year ago, I was finishing up my senior year and counting down the days until graduation. I stayed up until midnight just so I could be one of the first incoming freshmen to sign up for SOAR, and I was already buying the things that I would need in my dorm. I had no idea how fast my freshman year would go by, and I couldn’t have predicted the amazing opportunities that the University of La Verne would offer. I didn’t know that within the next seven months, I would zip line in Ecuador, walk on the equator, swim with sea lions, or wake up in a hotel on the beach in the Galapagos Islands. I did not expect to enjoy my classes as much as I have, and could not have predicted how wonderful my professors have been. I wouldn’t have been able to believe that I will go to Italy in January 2017, and I would have laughed if I had known that I will go to Italy to study education. Opportunities for amazing experiences are abundant, all thanks to the University of La Verne. High school seniors/future Leos – I hope you spend your summer getting excited for all that is to come during your time at ULV, and I look forward to seeing you in the fall. Good luck on your finals!

Quito, Ecuador-Jan Term 2016

Galapagos Islands-Jan Term 2016

It’s Called Dead Week For Many Reasons…

May 18, 2016 by kperrin

Hello, my lovely readers! At last, sadly, it’s my final blog post for the school year. I’m so glad I was able to take you along my La Verne experience for another year, but now the year has come to an end (I can’t believe I’m halfway through college….what?!?). This week is the week before finals, which means everyone is probably scrambling to get their last minute papers and presentations done, and cramming in everything that was taught over the course of the semester. Yes, this week is also called dead week, because clubs and organizations are not active in order to allow students to focus solely on finishing their classes. But…let’s be real, dead week probably holds true in its title for more than just that reason. I can admit I have been utilizing the library’s 24/7 hours since they started it on Sunday, and I can also admit I am currently typing this feeling a little dead inside (we’ve all been at this point, don’t lie). So, how do I get through dead week? Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee, which the library offers every night at 11 p.m. Drink up, fellow Leos, we’ve only got one and a half weeks to go! (On a side note, I highly suggest avoiding this unhealthy means of getting through finals week, if you can. It takes a lot out on you, so I don’t recommend it unless absolutely necessary.) 


Coffee and Tea at the Wilson Library

(This is the free coffee and tea at the Wilson Library.)

(This is me enjoying the free coffee and tea at the Wilson Library…it compensates for my dead soul. )

Alright folks, this is the home stretch! I wish all of you lovely readers the best of luck on your final exams, projects, papers and presentations. Don’t forget to take care of yourself (which I could not stress enough in my last blog), and reward yourself with a relaxing trip to the beach or a delicious blizzard from Dairy Queen after finals week. It’s been such a pleasure blogging for you all, and I look forward to hopefully taking you along during my third year experience! See you all soon. (:


Krista ❤

Senior Farewells

May 11, 2016 by hhulin

My sorority sister, Marina, always says that she’s a “leaky faucet,” aka a crier. Well, lately I’ve been a leaky faucet. The end of college is a pretty bittersweet feeling full of mixed emotions like relief, fear, excitement and sadness. I am relieved to be done with classes — the University of La Verne’s communications department taught me everything I need to know, and I feel prepared to conquer any writing job that comes my way. I am scared to leave my La Verne family, my sisters and my roommate — living at home just won’t be the same as living on campus. I am excited for all of the possibilities post-grad life holds, but I’m also sad that I won’t get to see my sisters every day. All of this has just been a lot to handle on top of senior project work, classes, sorority events and two jobs. Despite all of this, however, all I feel right now is loved.

Monday night, my sorority (Phi Sigma Sigma) held an event called “Senior Farewells.” The premise of the event is this: the chapter gathers to celebrate seniors who are about to graduate. They give short speeches and say nice things about each senior. There is also usually a slideshow with pictures and seniors end up giving advice and tell chapter how much their time as a collegiate Phi Sig means to them. My sapphire and biological sister gave heartwarming speeches for me and I definitely cried, which they thoroughly enjoyed I’m sure. The theme was based on the Dr. Seuss book Oh The Places You’ll Go, and after the event each senior was given a handmade book with quotes from Dr. Seuss and notes from sisters — kind of like a sorority yearbook.

We also had our last meeting as ULV bloggers, and Megan, admissions counselor and my boss, surprised my with a graduation gift. I wasn’t expecting it, but just that simple act of love and recognition boosted my mood to much higher levels. I have written for the blog since it was revamped in fall 2014 and then became blog manager this semester, so it will be weird to loose such a stable writing job and group of writers that care so much about our school.

Would it be bad luck to wear my new alumni sweatshirt before I’ve graduated?