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Parties and Philanthropy

April 27, 2016 by hhulin

Weekends are meant for relaxation — a few days to catch a couple extra snoozes — but apparently my weekends are the exception. This past weekend was packed with fun, yet draining activities and I am still recuperating. Thursday night I switched shifts and closed the register at Bowl of Heaven, something I have never done (and will never do again). The next day I unwillingly woke up early and worked on my senior project before beginning the process of getting ready for my sorority’s formal “Sapphire Ball”. Saturday I drove to Newport Beach, CA to attend a philanthropy luncheon for my alumna sorority sister MacKenzie Schmidt, who has raised over $100,000 for March for Babies. Finally on Sunday, I woke at 6 a.m. to drive myself and three other sisters to Fashion Island in Newport to participate in the March for Babies 5k. After the walk, we had had lunch at Lemonade and snagged some donuts from Sidecar before heading the beach for an hour.

(These are just a few of my sisters who made Sapphire Ball memorable.)

(Sorority sisters who attended MacKenzie's luncheon.)

(Team Dakota at March for Babies)

Fast Cars

April 27, 2016 by ebroadus

So, I have always dreamed of being successful and having the privilege of getting a luxury fast car. Because of this, every time I see a luxury fast car, I get super stoked about the future and I usually take a picture of the car to remind me of my dream goal. Luckily, today I was able to come across a speed demon that I have not yet seen in person in La Verne. My friend and I were walking to the Church of the Bretheran because there was left over food and it was just my luck that we ran into a McLeran. Even though my dream car is a Lamborghini, I thought it was still amazing that I got to see such a beautiful luxury car. With its shiny, grey body with black rims, I was instantly dreaming of driving in it. My friend got over the car within seconds and I’m sure she was getting annoyed by how bad I was fantasizing about it. It is just crazy to see these exotic cars parked out in the open here in the small city of La Verne. I have seen a couple Lamborghini’s and some other exotics around town, but seeing a McLaren has been at the top of the list. One day, I hope that I receive the blessing to own an exotic car so others can be as excited to see my car like how I was today.


Volunteering or Vacation?

April 27, 2016 by kperrin

Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer for the 87th annual Southwestern Anthropological Association (SWAA) conference. This was my second year volunteering (you can read about my first SWAA conference here), and I have to say, it only seems to get better every year. This year the conference was in San Diego, so I, along with the other volunteers from the university, shared a suite at the hotel where the conference was held. I arrived at the hotel Thursday evening, and stayed all the way until Sunday afternoon. It really felt like I was on vacation at one point, since I was there for so long (and really, how can you not feel like you’re on vacation when you’re staying in a suite by the bay?).

San Diego Bay

(The view from across the hotel)

(My friend David and I taking a stroll along the bay)

The conference itself was amazing. The volunteers each had a couple of shifts, but we were all given a fair amount of time to either explore the bay or go to the conference sessions. I had the privilege of doing both, since I arrived so early. The session I enjoyed the most was all about gender dynamics and gender issues that are currently being discussed globally; the winner of the student paper contest actually presented during that session, and she did a wonderful job talking about her research involving girl streamers on Twitch,tv and their struggle in the patriarchal world of gaming. After the conference, there’s always a banquet (I forgot to mention that the reason volunteering is such a great opportunity is because everything, including the registration, banquet and the suite was paid for), and this year’s keynote speaker was Laura Nader, a highly reputable anthropologist and professor from UC Berkeley. Laura gave an amazing speech, full of insight, yet extremely witty. She spoke mostly of the research she did for her book What the Rest Think of the West, which I highly recommend for anyone hoping to self-reflect on what it means to live in Western culture. Laura Nader was a wonderful end to my weekend vacation *oops, I meant my weekend of volunteering… (; * I’m already looking forward to next year’s conference!

Alright folks, are you ready for your question of the week?

What do you think of the West?

In honor of Laura Nader’s speech, I felt it would be a good idea to ask you this. It’s not often that we take a look in the mirror and evaluate ourselves, not only as a society, but as a culture. So think about it, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box down below. See you all next week! (:

The Promposals Don’t End in High School

April 27, 2016 by elamb

High school seniors- if you think your senior prom could be your last formal dance ever, you are mistaken. Each Greek organization at the University of La Verne hosts their own formal, and they take place right around prom season. Phi Delta Theta (one of the two fraternities on campus), Phi Sigma Sigma and Iota Delta (two of the four sororities on campus) have already had their formals, and Sigma Kappa (another sorority on campus), Sigma Alpha Epsilon (the other fraternity on campus), and Alpha Omicron Pi (the sorority that I am part of) are hosting their formals right around the time that you might be going to your prom. If you choose to become part of Greek life on campus, or you are invited to a formal by someone in Greek life, you may find yourself going to prom again (though we don’t call it prom). If you’re reminiscing about your last homecoming football game or winter formal, you can start looking forward to ULV’s homecoming weekend in the fall and winter formal in the second semester. The fun does not end in high school — you have so much to look forward to during your college experience!

Happy To Help

April 20, 2016 by elamb

Around this time a year ago I had already made the decision to call the University of La Verne my home for the next four years. However, my decision was not easily made. I had a long list of questions that I wanted answered before I made a choice, and the admissions counselors at ULV were not scared away by my long list. They were happy to answer my questions, and my decision was made easier thanks to their help. The best piece of advice I can give to a prospective student would be to take advantage of cards that you are given by the faculty. Staying in contact with a faculty member fosters a meaningful relationship and a valuable connection. Do not be afraid to ask any questions that you might have – the ULV faculty are happy to help!