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Taking a Moment

October 20, 2016 by kperrin

Hey lovely readers, these past few weeks have been absolutely crazy. We’re already halfway through the semester! I’m finding myself more and more drained as the weeks go by, and I can’t help but notice my posts just have not been up to par with the ones I’ve written in previous years. I’m my worst critic, believe me, but I think I need some serious inspiration to get my blogging mojo back. I feel like life has been passing by and I haven’t taken a minute to appreciate the present moment. As I write this now, after getting some much deserved rest and relaxation, I realize what I need to get reinspired and rejuvinated is to stop for a minute—to stop what I’m doing and just take in whatever moment I may be in. I used to do that all the time, and I think I’ve written some great blog posts and had some great experiences because of it.



Yesterday, as I’ve noticed the nights getting colder now (this island girl is not the biggest fan of that), I decided to take a moment and watch the sun just as it was setting. It was perhaps one of the more beautiful sunsets I’ve seen in a while, but when I looked around, I couldn’t believe I was the only one admiring its beauty. I thought to myself, “maybe I’m not the only one who’s been letting life pass me by lately.” And so, my lovely readers, rather than giving you all a question of the week, I want to leave you with this:

Don’t live in your mind so much that life passes you by…take a moment to live outside of yourself. Stop, look around you, breathe it all in—the world is full of beautiful moments waiting to be discovered. 

I’ll see you all next week! (:

Learning from my travels

October 20, 2016 by brgrasso

Hello everyone!

I have been in England for five weeks now, and not a day goes by that I am not enjoying myself, or learning something new. With my class schedule, I only have the weekends to travel. Of course, no sane person would fly from California to Ireland for just one weekend, but luckily I am only an hour plane ride (or bus ride) away from most of the major European destinations. Throughout my weekends traveling, I have learned to stress less and enjoy more (plus some intense planning skills.)

In the beginning of the trip, I found myself unable to enjoy the moments I was in and embrace my surroundings, because I was always stressing about something possibly going wrong with my plan. Now, I have discovered that things will go astray from my original plan, in nearly any situation. But that should never take away from the moment I am in right now. 

On a weekend trip to London, hanging out with Big Ben! We only got lost twice ;)

Another weekend trip to Cardiff, Wales. 

I am finding adventure and enjoyment in nearly everything, even common, everyday activities. My walks to class are beautiful. Making dinner for my flat mates is a learning experience (don’t let me make you steak though!) And every story I write helps me prepare for my future career. This is something I will definitely be bringing back to La Verne with me. I can work just as hard (probably harder) with a positive attitude and adventurous outlook on life.

My 1.5 mile walk to class may be long, but since it is always raining, I always have a pretty view.

10 Reasons Why October is the Best Month of the Year

October 20, 2016 by kcraighead

So it is finally my favorite month of the year, and, even though we live in California where autumn is basically summer but with one rainy day out of the season, I decided that I wanted to blog about the reasons why October is absolutely the best.

1. Libra’s and Scorpio’s (but mostly Libra’s) 

The Zodiac Sign, Libra, The Scales

October is the month of the zodiac signs Libra and Scorpio. I am a Libra, the sign of balanced scales, which symbolizes peace, sociability and calm. Now, I wouldn’t say that I live my life according to zodiac beliefs, but I have always found an affinity for my sign and I think it is actually a fair representation of how I identify myself. Google puts it pretty nicely, “The people born under the sign Libra are kind, gentle and lovers of beauty, harmony and peace. However, in their effort to keep everyone happy, they find it difficult to say ‘NO’ to anyone, and as a result, they end up getting stressed.”



2. Fall candle scents

First thing you need to know is that I literally the person who saves coupons for sales on candles, buys the fancy candle sleeve and aromatherapy beads to sprinkle on the wax. I’m insane about candles year round but when October finally hits I go completely psycho. As boring and not amazing as the scent “Leaves” might sound, it is actually, literally, autumn and Halloween in a jar.

Bath and Body Works Fall Collection



3. Pumpkins

I am not so much a pumpkin carver as I am a collector; meaning that I love to buy little pumpkins to use as décor. I also love to take pictures of houses with carved pumpkins because, honestly, I love the way porches look with little orange pumpkins glowing in the rainy night. There is something I find comforting in the ritual.

My family’s pumpkins were never anything close to artistically inspired; a smiley face or a frowny face were really the only two creative directions I could go in. But seeing the big ones on porches, or the small ones in the kitchen windowsill, they just take me back to simpler times and add to the cozy feeling fall gives me when the weather’s gloomy and the house is warm.


4. That one rainy day

Living in California means that when it rains, it really just drizzles, the freeways get backed up and it only takes 24 hours for the temperature to get back up to 90 degrees. However, that one rainy day is the one I live for. No matter what day it lands on I make sure to enjoy it fully—I buy a hot tea, soup, and I go everywhere in my UGGS. As much as I love spending a day at the beach, under palm trees and a bright sun in a blue sky, it’s hard to resist a chilly, rainy fall day.

5. It is acceptable to binge watch The Nightmare Before Christmas all month

I know the name of the movie has the word Christmas in it, but lets be real, it is a Halloween tradition, one that I embrace and perpetuate every single October. For me it is the most iconic part of the month’s holiday and it is best honored by watching in fuzzy socks with a steamy cup of hot chocolate in hand over the throw blanket you absolutely have to wrap yourself up in.

6. It is acceptable to binge bake all month

Pumpkin pie, caramel cookies, candy corn Rice Krispy Treats, pumpkin flavored cupcakes with orange frosting, Oreo cookie spiders, caramel dipped apples, gummy worms in chocolate pudding, jelly (cream cheese) eyeballs and mocha crumble mummy pazookie; the list is endless and amazing.

7. Pumpkin Spice Latte Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino (plus hot chocolate is always good)

As if I needed another reason to blow money at Starbucks, but seriously, their fall season blends are amazing, minus the Pumpkin Spice Latte (it is 100% all hype).

8. Sweatshirts 

The benefits of sweater weather start with the way they allow us all an excuse to either dress up or dress down in one easy step. If you want to go for the Cali bum look in fall, just throw on a sweater and tie your hair up in a messy bun. If you are dressing fall-chic, a sweater and tall boots with leggings work too. Also, who doesn’t love the feeling of bundling up? October kicks off sweater weather with colder nights, orange, brown and yellow leaves (slowly, but it happens) and a cloudy sky in the mornings and evenings. What could be more perfect?

9. Bonfires and fireplaces

The only time of the year when we get to warm up by the fire to roast marshmallows and watch it crackle over the logs, instead of the other 99% of the year when we watch it spontaneously combust across the mountains.

10. Candy Corn (-:

The Internet hates candy corn, and while I wouldn’t necessarily eat a jar of it alone, I wouldn’t turn away a handful of it either. It’s just as traditional as The Nightmare Before Christmas, pumpkin carving and baking, and it is always going to be a part of Halloween…so deal with it, candy corn haters!

The University of La Verne will be hosting haunted houses this year, as well as Trick-or-Treats and other Halloween themed events! You can check those out at http://sites.laverne.edu/student-life/asulv/monthly-calendar/ 

Happy October!


D Street Dining: Part 2

October 13, 2016 by kperrin

Hello my lovely readers! I’m back to finish my two part series on D Street dining. If you haven’t read my previous post, I talked about a few of my favorite spots to visit/dine at on D Street, which is a convenient five minute walk away from the campus center. On days where I don’t quite feel like eating at the dining hall on campus, I frequent D Street for its variety of restaurants and food establishments. Here are a few more places I turn to when looking for something different.

If you love good ol’ wings and American classics, House of Wings is a great choice. I absolutely live for their zucchini fries—they’re so yummy! They have everything from wings, burgers, wraps, and more. They even have a ten percent student discount for University of La Verne students (which is awesome). House of Wings pride themselves as being a sports bar, but don’t be fooled, they’re a great family friendly restaurant during the day. It’s always nice gathering some of your good freinds and enjoying some declicious wings. House of Wings is located on 2317 D Street.

Image result for house of wings

Image Source: Yelp

Another great place to spend time with family or good friends is Warehouse Pizza, located on 2340 D Street. Warehouse Pizza serves more than just delicious housemade pizza; they also serve subs, salads, and more. It’s worth visting once in your La Verne experience because its a local favorite, and a nostalgic place for many La Verne alumns! Warehouse Pizza even has a large outdoor patio, perfect for cozy and relaxed parties with lots of good company.

Image result for warehouse pizza la verne

Image Source: Warehouse Pizza

The last place I want to share with you all is perhaps my “ride or die” of places to go on D Street. Granny’s Yogurt (otherwise known as Granny’s), located on 2252 D Street, is my most frequented favorite on D Street. And while it isn’t quite a restaurant of a cafe, I couldn’t omit it from my list of places to share with you. Granny’s has been such a huge part of my D Street Dining routine and overall La Verne experience. I absolutely love their boba teas and smoothies, especially because they remind me so much of the ones I would get from boba stores back home on Guam. They also have a good selection of yogurt flavors and toppings, which I most definitely appreciate. I can’t even tell you how many times I stopped by Granny’s my freshman year (I’ll link a post about one of my many trips to Granny’s here), and if I’m being honest, my obsession with Granny’s probably contributed to my defeat in the battle against freshman fifteen. SO, as a precaution to all of you prospective students: enjoy Granny’s Yogurt at your own discretion, because it can be addicting! I still go to Granny’s every now and then, and I’m still a fan, I’ve just been visiting in moderation.

Image result for grannys la verne

Image Source: Yelp

Alrighty everyone, are you ready for your question of the week?

What’s your favorite restaurant/food establishment? It can be a local place, or even a chain, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section down below! See you all next week. (:

Adjusting to a New Culture

October 13, 2016 by brgrasso

Hello everyone!

Moving to a new place can be difficult. Whether you are moving to a different state, half way around the world, or just away to college, you are bound to experience a few (or a lot) of lifestyle changes.

When I moved to college I had to become self-reliant and grocery shop for myself, find new favorite restaurants, manage my money better and do my laundry on my own. Yes, I know, at 18 I should have been doing my own laundry anyway, but the point is that I had to adjust to a new time in my life.

How I felt about being an “adult” at first

I always keep the saying, “not good, not bad, just different,” in the back of my mind. This saying is especially helpful when experiencing something different, that doesn’t fit the normalities of our everyday life. Now that I am 5,000 miles away from home I am getting very good at adjusting to constant change, but I have noticed so many things that are different from America in the UK.

Here are a few:

  • Language
    -Biscuits are cookies and “cheers” is “thank you”
    -They pronounce everything fancier: Aluminum=Al-loo-min-ee-um
  • Driving on the opposite side of the road
  • Regular Police officers don’t carry guns
  • Food
    -Smaller portions
    -Little to no salt
  • School
    -No one takes general education in University
    -Students choose their career field around age 16
Although these are all things that I hadn’t been accustomed to, after just a few weeks of being open minded, I have adjusted pretty well. Granted, I am almost hit by a car almost every day because I am still confused about their driving.
My advice to high school students, or anyone, about to embark on a new journey would be to embrace change and keep an open mind. You are sure to adjust to your new way of life if you just remember, it isn’t bad, it isn’t good, it is just different (except for smaller portions of food, that’s always bad.)
Speaking of food: Breakfast for dinner is my new favorite meal. Yes, their bacon is a huge difference too!
Have you ever moved somewhere that you had to adjust to a new way of life?
Until next week,
Brooke xx